Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Soups to Try

It's snowing outside right now, (Christmas Eve morning) and isn't supposed to let up until after Christmas Day. I'm going to make a pot of potato soup for my daughter in law this afternoon, so we can just have it whenever we want for the next few days. It's the "loaded potato soup" that you can find here.

Because I am so unbelievably slow with this blog...this soup blog, I've decided to give you some links to some really good soups. I search food blogs almost every day because I so enjoy them and am so in awe of what awesome cooks there are out there. It's also fun to get a little peak at our lives thru what we eat, how we cook, what we write about. I've noticed some really good soup recipes lately, so I thought, that throughout this long cold winter, I could at least keep you updated on "soups" whether they be mine or not.

Tomorrow while everyone is busy making their Christmas feasts, I will be making a brunch instead. And then having soup in the evening, while watching a movie, listening to my grown children playing cards or a board game and looking around my house at all the opened gifts, discarded wrapping paper and boxes, half drank cups of hot buttered rum and eggnog, pine needles scattered on the floor, and be lucky I am.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. And now...on to good soups links.

Wives with Knives is a new blog that I have found recently. I'm always on the search for West Coast bloggers, which she is. Cathy grew up on the "Mighty" Columbia River, as did I. Yay for us!
Here is her recipe for Fisherman's Chowder with Herb Oyster Crackers.
I can't wait to try it. You'll have to check out her blog. I'm enjoying it very much.

Another new blog to me is "For the Love of Cooking". In fact, this blog led me to Wives with knives. I love this blog, she makes just the kinds of dishes I want to make. And this soup? It looks delicious. I might give it a try for my annual Soup Supper party in January.

And Ali at "Home of the Lazy Dog" has an amazing Toscana Soup recipe. I can see what January has in store for me. Soups!

All three of these blogs are fairly new to me, but I am so excited at having found them, and looking forward to not only making their soups, but trying some more of their recipes too.

good soups!!

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